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Common Core Math Fails the Grade for STEM

Common Core State Standards

Common Core fuzzy math are motivating States to back out of Common Core Math Standards


Another Reason For States To Back Out Of Common Core

Article 5 in a series on Common Core Standards

by Celeste Busby

As far as curricula for Common Core (CC) goes, there are a couple of major issues that concern parents. One is “fuzzy” math and the other is the CC Reading List that is not always age appropriate, and in some cases, is even pornographic. I’ll cover the latter in Article 6. For now, let’s talk about math and the fact that Virginia’s Math Standards of Learning are closely aligned with Common Core Math Standards.

Prior to about 1958, students were taught what is called Traditional Math, and they memorized the Multiplication Table that gave them a learning advantage, for example, being able to figure simple problems in one’s head and estimating. More

Why are States Backing out of Common Core State Standards?

Article 4 in a series on Common Core Standards

By Celeste Busby

Let’s use New York as an example, since it was one of the first states to implement Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Common Core information and methods have been taught there for two years. So, how is it working there?

Actually, parents and teachers are revolting against it. Only 31% of the students passed the tests—just so you know 31% is not a mistype. In Long Island, alone, 18,000 people signed a petition against it.

As a whole, New York students have, in the past, performed above the national average. Now, legislation has been introduced to place a three-year moratorium on Common Core. New York Assemblyman, Al Graf, a member of the Assembly Education Committee, is even calling Common Core “state-sponsored child abuse,” and states that Common Core has “terrible consequences for teachers, students, schools and parents.” Also, the board of the New York teachers union voted unanimously against the implemented Standards that have failed. More

States Attempt to Fix Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Mess

Article 3 in a series on Common Core Standards

By Celeste Busby

In Article 1, What’s the Big Deal about Common Core State Standards? and Article 2, How Did We Get From the ‘Greatest Generation’ to Common Core? we talked about the sales pitch for CC; the fact that Virginia opted out of CCSS, because its own SOLs were better; who developed the standards; and the fact that a Traditional Education appears to be better than anything we have had since.  Plus, you now know that the United Nations has influenced our lives and education.

State officials signed onto CCSS when their education bank accounts were running low and major cuts had to be made to education budgets.  Race-to-The-Top (RTTT) money ($4.35 billion) was the irresistible candy offered by our federal government for states to adopt the Standards.  Also, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has given multi-millions of dollars to groups like Achieve, Inc., National Governors Organization, Counsel of Chief School Officers, and others to develop and implement the Standards.  Gates Foundation also brought the National PTA on board with CCSS with a gift of $1 million.  Isn’t the PTA’s job to know what good education is and to look out for the best interests of our children’s education?  But, this is just another example of money doing the talking. More

How Did We Get From the ‘Greatest Generation’ to Common Core?

Article 2 in a series on Common Core Standards

By Celeste Busby

For those of you who don’t know who or what the Greatest Generation was, it was, for senior citizens of today, most likely your parents; for the younger generation it was likely your grandparents, and for the very youngest generation, it might even have been your great-grandparents.  People from that generation grew up and went to school during the Great Depression. They fought and won two world wars—WW II and the Korean War.  They did a lot with very little. They were creative and inventive, because they had to be.  The motto, “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” aptly applies to that generation. More

What’s the Big Deal about Common Core State Standards?

Article 1 in a series on Common Core Standards

By Celeste Busby

Why would anyone be against standards that are “more rigorous; emphasize critical thinking; emphasize 21st-Century learning and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) instruction; promote being able to compete globally and being college and career ready?  Besides, it’s just state standards that Virginia didn’t even sign up for. RIGHT? Well, not exactly.