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5 thoughts on “Support The Virginia Free Citizen

  1. I was happy to be able to sponsor your worthwhile efforts to expose these resettlement projects here in Virginia. The effort by the Obama Administration has been too secretive!

  2. I cancelled my Paypal membership a few months ago and find your site won’t take my CC info. Can that be related to my not having a Paypal acct???

  3. Would you want to become a citizen of the North American
    Union (NAU), which would be a merger of America with Canada and Mexico, with
    open borders, the same currency, and a supra-government at the loss of our Constitution
    and its protection of our God-given rights?

    This is what happened in Europe. The once sovereign nations
    joined the EU. It began with what they thought was a trade agreement and an
    economic benefit.

    The real purpose is that of the globalists to form regional
    governments, which can then be merged into a single global government, overseen
    by the UN.

    The steppingstone to the NAU is NAFTA, which would reduce
    America to Mexico’s economic level in order to facilitate the merger.
    Renegotiating NAFTA would only open it up for the globalists to renew their

    We need to let our legislators and President Trump know
    that we want to withdraw from NAFTA, not renegotiate it.

    You can help by calling President Trump: 202-456-1111 and
    your representative: 202-225-3121 or email them. For Trump:

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