Letter to the Editor: Eric Cantor DNA is on $14 Trillion of the $17.5 Trillion

Eric Cantor’s DNA is on $14 Trillion of the $17.5 Trillion we owe as a nation. As Majority Leader in the House, Cantor has not only the power of the purse, but the power spend or not spend. Every dime spent for Obamacare was approved by Cantor. Every dime the IRS spends to persecute Conservatives […]

Cantor Endorses Military DREAM Act

House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), the House GOP’s second ranking member, is throwing support behind Rep. Jeff Denham’s (R-CA) attempt to amend his ENLIST Act (H.R. 2377), a military-based DREAM Act, onto the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). (See FAIR Legislative Update, Apr. 9, 2014) “Mr. Cantor views military service as the highest […]

GOP Challenger Rips ‘crony’ Cantor on Immigration

LOCUST GROVE, Va. — Dave Brat is challenging in a Republican primary — and giving the House majority leader a verbal thrashing on immigration. “Cantor is following the agenda of the Business Roundtable and the Chamber of Commerce — pursuing policies that are good for big business, but come at the exclusion of the American people,” […]

Virginia at a Crossroads: The Common Man or Elites? – Onions or Blueberries?

by Craig Johnson: The theme of this gubernatorial election should be:  “Tough times require tough men.” Less than a year ago, we witnessed “the common man election”, as Donald J. Trump convinced voters that he was the “onion-toter” candidate who not only had the spiritual  testosterone to match the perilous times we live in, but […]

Protesters ‘grill with #Bratworst’ Outside Congressman’s Office

By Megan Corsano Capital News Service GLEN ALLEN – The feud between U.S. Rep. Dave Brat, who represents a swath of Central Virginia in Congress, and his female constituents escalated Saturday afternoon when nearly 100 Planned Parenthood advocates demonstrated outside his office here. The demonstrators stood across from Brat’s office at the corner of Broad […]