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Property owners to Dominion: Pipeline YES, eminent domain NO

Adam Houser | CFACT

Representatives of energy giant Dominion Resources were caught off guard this week by landowners outraged over the company’s threatened use of eminent domain in the construction of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

Bruce McKay, Senior Energy Policy Director of Dominion, struggled to explain the utility’s position to an increasingly skeptical audience during a panel at the Republican Party of Virginia Advance in Richmond Dec. 10.

Dominion thought they had the deck stacked in their favor.

They didn’t expect Virginia property owners directly affected by the dominion-pipeline-table-zpipeline to show up, advocating for their rights. The property owners’ message was simple: “Pipeline yes, eminent domain no.” Continue reading

A Near Miss Evergreen, Virginia

Virginia Tornado

by Baron Bodissey

That was the scene late this afternoon just outside the tiny hamlet of Evergreen, Virginia.

The following video shows the tornado damage; you can see the same house at the opening of the clip. I drove past at about the same time this video was taken. This was the hardest-hit zone, but there was significant damage in the surrounding area, with huge oak trees down across the highway. You can hear the chainsaws at work in this footage:


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The Manic Drive To Return Land To Nature While Destroying Agriculture


Map_of_all_U.S._Federal_Land-777x437(Land use directly impacts the farm and the citizen’s access to local food supplies.  Virginians must advocate for “Food and Farm Freedom”. SUPPORT VIRGINIA FOOD FREEDOM!)

Patrick Wood | Technocracy News

Since 1992, war on agriculture and food production in the United States has been under fierce attack, but the greatest heat has been felt in the West.

Ranchers have had their long-existing grazing and water rights methodically stripped away on Federal land. Farmers have been relentlessly sued by environmental groups and over-regulated by the government.

The so-called Sagebrush Rebellion was just gaining momentum when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1979. As a Westerner, even Reagan counted himself part of the Rebellion. Continue reading

Despite Protests, State OKs Drainage of Coal Ash Ponds

Grant Smith | Capital News Service

RICHMOND – A procession of more than 100 disappointed citizens filed out of a Virginia State Water Control Board meeting late Thursday afternoon after the agency approved permits for Dominion Virginia Power to begin draining water from coal ash ponds on sites in Fluvanna and Prince William counties into the James and Potomac rivers.

Over the past few months, the permit applications have stirred opposition against Dominion Virginia Power by local and regional environmental groups such as the James River Association and the Southern Environmental Law Center. Although Thursday’s meeting was brimming with opponents to the plan, the board approved the permits supported by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. Continue reading