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House Seeks Moratorium On Refugees

Suzanne Shattuck


Virginia map of resettled refugees which may dramatically increase under President Obama’s 2017 numbers

Rep. Brian Babin (R-Tx) published a press release Friday explaining the need to thwart the Refugee Resettlement Program’s ability to admit unvetted refugees from terrorist hotbeds of the world, including Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa. This action would require provisions placed in the way of a moratorium to the Continuing Resolution.

Babin expressed his concern, along with 37 other representatives, through a letter sent directly to Speaker Ryan, Majority Leader McCarthy, and Chairman Rogers. The letter states, Continue reading

Demand Congressmen and Senators Defund Refugee Resettlement

Suzanne Shattuck

Is there anyone in Washington, aside from a handful, who actually care about American lives? When confronted with obvious threats to our national security and personal safety, wouldn’t a normal response of an elected leader, especially one from the Grand Old Party, be one of concern? As it stands now the GOP playbook will end up killing Americans.

On my recent, self-inflicted trip to our nation’s capital to actually meet with my Congressman and other congressional aides to express concerns over the dangerous Refugee Resettlement program, I found nothing but excuses and anything but a fighting spirit. Continue reading

America Could Use More Islamophobia, Not Less

Suzanne Shattuck | SuzanneShattuck

I guess it stinks when you plan an event on a Monday to support all of the “peace-loving” Muslims, only to have several of them murder 14 innocent civilians and injure 17 other Americans just two days later at a truly peaceful Christmas party in San Bernardino. But, that didn’t seem to stop democrats from standing against Islamophobia and showing their solidarity with members at the Dar al-Hijrah mosque in Falls Church, Virginia just outside Washington, DC.

The event was planned by Rep. Don Beyer, Democrat of Virginia along with Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Democrat of Minnesota, and Representative Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) Democrat of New York. A letter went out urging others to join them in shoring up support against the dreaded and dangerous Islamophobia that has allegedly been on the increase since the Paris attacks. Continue reading

DHS and The State Department’s Facts On Vetting Don’t Add Up

If the military, at the behest of  Obama, could only find 54 “worthy” Syrians out of 7000 to be trained to fight for their own country, why should we believe the testimony of the experts during the Senate Hearing on Refugee Resettlement?

They virtually guaranteed  the American people of being able to vet 85,000-100,000 Syrian Refugees slated to live in our communities over the next year.

A few of the quotes from the esteemed panel were:

“We employ the highest security measures.”-Ms. Barbara Strack, Department of Homeland Security

“There are no shortcuts on security, medical screening, processing.”-Mr. Larry Bartlett, Department of State

” We will not cut corners with security.” Mr. Matthew Emrich, Department of Homeland Security

Listening to the panel repeatedly assure the questioning senators about the reliability of their vetting process was about as enjoyable as hearing someone run their fingernails down a chalkboard. Continue reading

Plan for Halting the Refugee Resettlement Program

syrian refugee

Syrian refugees wait at a UNHCR distribution centre in Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Photo: UNHCR/J. Tanner

Every once in a while pure common sense will rise to the top of absolute buffoonery that is on display in Washington. So it is not surprising that it comes by way of Texas.

Representative Brian Babin, R-Tx., introduced legislation to halt the United Nations/State Department Refugee Admissions Program back in July. Since the virtual flood of refugees pouring into Europe is on the world stage it is now gaining support in the House.

The bill has been referred to the Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, of which Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) now sits. The following, have given their backing for  H.R. 3314, named the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act of 2015, and need to hear of your support. Continue reading

Suzanne Shattuck

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Suzanne Shattuck grew up on a farm in Virginia. She is a former military wife of 22 years and has four grown children. For the past six years she has been involved with several national security grassroots groups seeking to educate the American public about the active Islamic movement in America. As a nurse, Suzanne noticed the alarming number of patients from numerous countries who required translation services in order to be properly treated. Researching refugee and immigrant information led her to the Center for Immigration Studies and Refugee Resettlement Watch. She seeks to educate others in her community about the economic, security and health risks involved in a government run refugee program in need of serious oversight and transparency.