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What a long, strange trip it’s been

Rick Buchanan | Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation

Resist DTOM“Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it’s been.” The words of Jerry Garcia are today taking on new meaning for us Tea Partiers.

For the seven years we have been working for truly conservative values, the Tea Party Movement has been minimized, marginalized, vilified, denigrated and assaulted.

Yet through it all, we have, unlike the paid members of Occupy, again and again risen to our task. Slowly but surely we have muscled up, put our heads down and turned what was a Democrat majority in the US House and Senate to a Republican majority. Just as significant, we worked with other grass-rooters to increase majorities of governorships from 31 to 33 and to win more than 900 state legislative seats that have switched hands from Democrat to Republican since 2009. Republicans now control both legislative chambers in 32 states, compared to 13 for Democrats. Continue reading

The Left’s Idea of Tea Party

Virginia Tea Party PatriotsRick Buchanan

Chairman, Virginia Tea Party Patriot Federation

Being a longtime veteran of the Tea Party movement, I participated in many demonstrations both locally and in DC. Although the Left and their typists in the Main Stream Media falsely accused us of everything from using foul language to spitting on them, there was never any truth discovered in their slander. In fact, I always found everyone I encountered to be firm in their resolve to protest against that which was counter to their belief systems while maintaining a very high level of respect for both their adversaries, the environment and the law.

Now the call from Progressives is out! “We need our own Tea Party.”

I think this is great. I encourage every citizen to get active in politics, attend local and state government meetings and learn how the political “sausage” is made. Continue reading

The Tea Party is Suiting Up

This article was originally published at the Fauquier Free Citizen

By Rick Buchanan

As a Tea Party conservative, I have watched as many of our ranks have been viciously attacked from both the Left and the “so-called” Right. I am not one who would normally promote lawsuits as the desired means to obtain fair and equal treatment under the law, but these are times that defy normality.

That being said, I am proud to announce here two lawsuits being brought against political bullies.

Fauquier County’s own Martha Boneta, a Tea Party favorite across the entire state of Virginia and Fred Gruber, newly elected Chairman of the 7th District Republican Committee and Tea Party leader from Louisa County, have had enough and are fighting back. But before I get into their stories, a brief review of the assault being waged against the Tea Party and their friends is in order. Continue reading

Rick Buchanan

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Rick Buchanan, co-founder of the local “Free Citizen” publication concept, is a Tea Party leader, having served as Events and Elections Chairman and 1st Vice Chair of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. Rick is currently Vice Chair of the Virginia Vision Pac. He lives in Warrenton, Virginia where he owns his own construction company.