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The Virginia Free Citizen (VFC) is an information hub, educational resource, and issue-based interactive publication focused on issues important to Virginia citizens. VFC is managed, supported and populated by engaged, knowledgeable free Virginians and authoritative voices originating from the Commonwealth: Americans who cherish freedom and believe in the common good gleaned from limited government at all levels.

Virginia Free Citizen is designed to serve as a communications exchange where all VFC members, member organizations and citizen journalists can become fully informed on the facts of issues facing each region of the State of Virginia, advancing a more powerful, accurate and cohesive message for those who embrace their constitutional obligation to governmental oversight.

Our goal: A free, prosperous and accurately informed Virginia.


Virginia Free Citizen Staff


Jeff Bayard Virginia Free CitizenJeff Bayard
Jeff is the publisher of Virginia Free Citizen and a long-time resident of Richmond, Virginia.
Virginia Free Citizen exists to illuminate freedom issues that impact our citizens.


Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson
(Author Page)
Craig Johnson is a news and political analyst, commentator, and radio talk show host of “The REALLY, Real, Deal, with Brother Craig The Hatchet Man,” on Virginia’s 820AM WNTW, Saturdays, 10am to 12pm, EST., at www.820theanswer.com.

He’s also president of The First Amendment, Inc., and the School Choice Advocate for the Virginia Christian Alliance.

For media inquiries or speaker engagements contact Kimberly@agencyforthearts.com.


Previous Interns


Daniel Parker VCU Intern ReporterDaniel Parker (FALL 2015)
Virginia Free Citizen Reporter and Intern

Daniel is currently a student at the Virginia Commonwealth University. He has an associates in social science and is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He is a staff editor for Poictesme, a student run literary magazine. Daniel also regularly contributes to The Commonwealth Times, VCU’s school paper.

Iman Mojadidi Virginia Free CitizenIman Mojadidi (FALL 2015)
Virginia Free Citizen Public Relations and Communications Manager and Intern

Iman is currently a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She will receive a degree in the Mass Communications program with a focus of Public Relations. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America organization and is on the outreach committee.



Shelby Mertens Virginia Free CitizenShelby Mertens (Winter-Spring -Summer-Fall 2014)
Virginia Free Citizen Investigative Journalist

Shelby is a recent graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Mass Communications – Journalism. She was the arts and culture editor of The Commonwealth Times, VCU’s independent student press. Shelby was a blogging and social media intern for Gandzee, an online retail startup in Richmond. She covered the General Assembly session last spring for Capital News Service on behalf of over 70 news publications across the state. She has also published work on WTVR-CBS 6’s website, a part of the iPadJournos project at VCU.



Kate MillerKate Miller (Winter-Spring -Summer-Fall 2014)
Multimedia Journalist

Kate is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University  and is multimedia journalist  She received a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a broadcast journalism concentration. She attended Smith College in Massachusetts before attending VCU. In 2013-14 she reported on the General Assembly for the VCU Capital News Service.