Fact-checking Candidate Eric Cantor on Amnesty

The debate on how to proceed on changing/fixing immigration policy has come to the forefront in the 7th district congressional race between House Leader Eric Cantor and challenger Dave Brat. As this debate will have a profound impact on the economy and how we view adherence to the rule of law, it’s important that voters […]

Letter to the Editor: Disappointment with Congressman Cantor

Dear Editor, I have been intensely involved in politics ever since Barack Obama became President because I peeled away his smooth veneer and revealed the core of his collective worldview. In 2010 I was greatly encouraged when the Tea Party led the effort to help the Republicans take over the House of Representatives. And I […]

Cantor Corruption? You Decide

Letter to the Editor: Cantor Corruption – he has removed us, so we should replace him Cantor refused to debate Brat, why?  The people of the 7th are entitled to a good and healthy debate between the two, just makes sense. He is just a chicken, playing it safe, no fire in the belly…….or afraid […]

Cantor Canters Right: No Amnesty Supporters in Republican Primaries

Julie Axelrod | ImmigrationReform House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) is facing a primary opponent, David Brat, who is challenging him on immigration. Cantor is fighting back by portraying himself as an anti-amnesty champion, like Renee Ellmers successfully did before him. Cantor, along with others in the GOP House leadership, began the year by endorsing […]

Letter to the Editor: Eric Cantor Claims, True, or Lying King?

Editorials are from Virginia Citizens, submit Your Opinion. Eric but Actions = ? It is campaign season again.  June 10th is the Republican Primary, a race between Eric Cantor and Dave Brat.  It is the time when politicians tell us they are doing what we want them to do. Eric Cantor is telling us that […]