Congress: Pass Tax Reform to Enable Small Businesses to Thrive

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To the Editor:

Congressional Republicans are leading the way in 2017 by proposing pro-growth tax reform plans that combine simpler, fairer terms with a more competitive corporate tax rate.. I urge all Virginians to call on their elected representatives in Washington, D.C., to take advantage of the unique opportunity we have before us to pass comprehensive tax reform and get our economy growing strongly again.

The current federal tax code has stifled our small-business community, leading to a lack of prosperity and wage stagnation throughout our once-vibrant middle class. We need to stimulate growth in order to support small business, create more jobs, and provide an overall higher standard of living. The current 30-year-old federal tax code is too complex, has too high a rate, and unfairly favors large corporations over small businesses.

The current tax code is an impediment to people achieving the American Dream. We must take a broad approach to reform and create a system that will strengthen Virginia’s small-business community so we can fortify our middle class and restore American prosperity, both here in the Commonwealth and throughout the rest of the nation.

Don Blake, Chairman & President of Virginia Christian Alliance

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