Virginia at a Crossroads: The Common Man or Elites? – Onions or Blueberries?

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Corey Stewart 2017by Craig Johnson:

The theme of this gubernatorial election should be:  “Tough times require tough men.”

Less than a year ago, we witnessed “the common man election”, as Donald J. Trump convinced voters that he was the “onion-toter” candidate who not only had the spiritual  testosterone to match the perilous times we live in, but also the willingness to unleash it on the Democrats without apology.

While Trump brought blunt toughness; the Bush, Kasich, and Rubio types brought money, endorsements, governmental experience, resumes, and glibness — or so they thought.  What the common man saw was a guy toting a set of onions against a bunch of establishmentarians who were toting a set of blueberries. While the intelligentsia will fume at such metaphors, the “everyman,” and more importantly, the “every woman” will get it.  Among Trump’s sixteen opponents, the only exception to the overly cautious “Low-Fat Republican” persona was Ted Cruz.  But, while Cruz did much better than the blueberry tart gang, even Cruz was deemed by the common man voters to be too nice and too policy-oriented to be sent off to an alley fight with the Clintons, the Democrats, and the Media. That was a year ago.

Just seven months ago we saw the “onion-toting” Trump dismantle the Clinton/Democrat/Media machine, without apology and without reservation.  Trump also declared to the establishment of both parties his intention to “drain the political swamp”.  How many of the “blueberry tart gang” would have been able to do the same?

Virginia Republicans will face a similar question at the primary polls on Tuesday.  Are the times sufficiently tough for us to nominate a tough man like Corey Stewart?  Or, will we listen to the well connected swamp monsters once again as they repeat the same old line, “If we nominate ­­­________, then we’ll scare the moderates and the snowflakes into voting against us.”  Whether it’s Ken Cuccinelli, Ollie North, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, or Donald Trump, the line breaks under scrutiny because the Democrat base is always going to vote Democrat, and the moderates are mostly Democrats who want to give the appearance of intellectual superiority.  What happens is that the bland “Low-Fat Republicans” that we usually nominate do not inspire the occasional voter – most of whom live their personal lives in a conservative manner — to come out to vote for us.  And if we happen to force an open Christian, a staunch Conservative, or just an onion-toter, onto the Establishment, then the well connected, “Low-fat Republicans”, who hate the idea of limited government; try to shoot him or her down.

But, on the national scene, in spite of the best efforts of Ed Gillespie’s Low-Fat Friends, we got Trump anyway.  An onion-toting bull, who promises to break some china, drain the swap, and produce true change.  Does Virginia want that type of change?  Only Corey Stewart has been sounding the alarm against the dismal road that Virginia is on, and he represents the type of change that can redirect us off of that road and back to sanity – especially as concerns immigration, refugees, and security. Or do we think France and Britain are unique in their susceptibility to Islamic terror? Is Corey Stewart a perfect vessel? Was Donald J. Trump a perfect vessel? He was laughed at, hated, and scorned. He won anyway.

Will World Trends Come to Virginia

We see horrific executions of Christians in the Middle East; and bombings, stabbings, rapes and vehicular homicide on a mass scale in Europe.  We can read in the Quran (Sura 4–100), if we want to take our heads out of the sand, how Muslims are told in their holy book to migrate to non-Muslim lands in order to take over.  Islamic, Mid-East carnage has come to Europe and is only a matter of time before it comes here, which will make the MS-13 gang carnage look like child’s play.  We’ve already had our Fort Hood, Fort Dix, Orlando, San Bernardino, etc., etc.

What will it take to get the Baby Boomer, Grand Olde Republicans, to see that the tougher attitudes of the younger Generation X candidates is the right prescription for the dark times we are entering? What will it take for Generation X to stick together, gird up our loins, and snatch the reins of power from the Boomers.  I appeal to our elders who are in the 75 year plus Silent Generation, and the 90 year plus

G I Generation to begin to discuss this issue, no matter who wins on Tuesday.

Does Virginia want to settle for a candidate whose low spiritual testosterone will cause him to lose the fight to the Democrats in November?  Or, does Virginia want a Trump-style defender of the American creed, who represents that our rights and freedom are gifts from God – not man?  After all, isn’t  that  the main point of our Republic, and worth defending 100% of the time?  Democrats, socialists, atheists, communists, and fundamentalist Muslims want us to submit — either to the will of government, or the will of their Allah.  And, you can bet the rent money that both Northam and Perriello will be on their side and in full attack mode, regardless of who Republicans nominate. The conciliatory, nice guy Republican gets no break over the full strength Republican. So why not put away the tofu, and have yourself a steak?

November promises to be a knife fight in an alley.  Not a place for gentlemen, or for boy scouts.  So who do we send into the alley to do battle for us and our children?

Mild mannered Ed Gillespie, with his lobbyist, big money baggage (Enron, Tyson, etc., etc.).

Decent and pragmatic Senator Frank Wagner, who  is also mild mannered, and  speculated to be running to absorb a portion of the anti-Gillespie vote;  (the Eric Cantor loss taught the Establishment to never again run one on one against an insurgent).

Or since the Democrats will accuse all three of our men of hatred towards women, minorities, children, clean air, and clean water – why not send Corey Stewart to fight the barrage of lies and attacks sure to come our way?

Generational Choice

Virginia’s last six governors in a row have been Boomers.  Three from each party.  The Boomers who run the Grand Olde Party fought off the Generation X candidate, Ken Cuccinelli, last time in favor of super corrupt, Democrat Boomer, Terry McAuliffe.  Democrats will probably pick 43 year-old, Tom Perriello over the older Ralph Northam.  The Grand Old Republicans have already stated how much they oppose the 48 year-old Gen Xer, Corey Stewart, a known “knife fighter” who has won five elections in a row in the very type of demographic environment the Republican Party has claimed for years, that we need to be able to attract in order to win.

The blueberry-toting “Low-Fat Republicans” seem to think that the way to win them is to become Democrat-lite, a strategy that has never worked.  Like him or not, Corey Stewart’s strategy has always been to articulate and defend the core values of the Christian, Conservative, Constitutional, Capitalistic, Coalition.  So far, it has worked five times in a very large, very urban, very blue county.

The menu in November will be chosen on Tuesday’s  Primary election  by you, Virginia:  a Corey Stewart steak, topped with grilled onions, or one of Ed Gillespie’s world famous light and fluffy blue berry tarts.

I pray we choose with our heads, not with our hearts.

Bon Appetit! 

Craig Johnson is a news and political analyst, commentator and radio talk-show host of The REALLY, Real, Deal with Brother Craig the Hatchet Man, on Virginia’s 820AM WNTW (  He is also president of The First Amendment, Inc., and has appeared on many national and regional network news shows and various talk programs.  Follow Craig on Twitter  For media requests and speaker engagements contact