Car Dealer Congressman a Total Hypocrite on Global Warming, Won’t Answer Questions

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Originally published in The Truth on November 24, 2015

The Paris climate summit came up a number of times at a recent constituent town hall hosted by Rep. Don Beyer, Democrat of Virginia and owner of nine car dealerships.   (‘Just the Facts: A Discussion about Climate Change’ – November 19, 2015).  The panelists included an Obama White House climate change advisor, an EPA official, an advocate from the Natural Resources Defense Council (with previous experience at Greenpeace and the Sierra Club), and a doctor from a university climate program.  Although Rep. Beyer acknowledged at the outset that anthropogenic climate change is disputed, he did not see fit to include a single skeptic on the panel.

This was a love-fest with a cheering audience of co-religionists in deep-blue northern Virginia (the government-dependent D.C. suburbs).  The evening was punctuated by mea culpas of ‘Catholic guilt’ about the environment – e.g., laments that the audience would get back into their SUVs and drive to their over-sized homes afterwards; much self-flagellation about how Americans indulge in too much consumption, etc.  The debunked mantra – ‘97% percent of scientists agree that man-made climate change is real’ – was repeated several times to an unquestioning audience that swallowed it whole on blind faith.  A question from the audience laid bare the true agenda behind climate change agitation: What are we going to do to change our economic system (i.e., destroy capitalism and institute communism)?  Another audience member expressed displeasure that bottled water was provided to the panelists.  A team member from The Truth handed out flyers beforehand, but one was handed back with the admonishment to recycle it.  No one asked the questions on The Truth’s flyer:

Questions for Rep. Beyer:

  • You’ve made a fortune selling automobiles that run on fossil fuels. When will you stop doing so and disgorge the profits you have made?
  • In light of the Paris attacks, do you agree with Bernie Sanders that climate change is the greatest threat to national security?  Do you agree with the Obama administration which stated 22 times that climate change is a greater threat to national security than terrorists?
  • If the level of CO2 in the atmosphere is up, how do you explain the so-called ‘pause’ in global warming whereby the mean temperature of the earth has been FALLING for 18 years?
  • How can anyone claim that the scientific debate about climate change is over when 31,487 American scientists have signed a petition stating that the release of CO2 and other greenhouse gases do NOT cause catastrophic heating of the earth and, further, that limits on greenhouse gases damage the welfare of mankind?

The Truth handed these questions to Rep. Beyer afterwards and told him that his responses would be published.  He admitted seeing the questions earlier in the evening.  The Truth also sent the questions to his office twice well in advance of publication with a request for any kind of response.

Rep. Beyer did NOT answer the questions.  There was no response of any kind from him or his office by the time this was published.

However, he did say during the event, “I hate to admit this as a car dealer, but 40 percent of all car trips are unnecessary.”

He also told the member of The Truth team, upon being handed the questions afterwards, in paraphrase:

We can’t stop driving. The great news is that when I first started selling cars, they got 13 miles per gallon.  Now they get 45.  Things are moving in the right direction.

That’s it?  The panelists kept saying climate change is a catastrophe – sea levels are rising and people are dying NOW – and this is your defense?  With all the respect that is due, the people who are looking to you as a hero on this subject need to find another hero.  Your hypocrisy is showing and it disqualifies you completely.