Attorney General Herring Claims His Focus is Helping All Virginians (except women and the unborn)

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By Jeanine Martin, The Bull Elephant

Yes, Herring really believes that he’s helping ALL Virginians.

From Leesburg Today,

“We have shown people a different vision for the office,” the Democrat, a Loudoun native, told a crowd at the Holiday Inn Washington-Dulles.

Herring said that his office has been “fighting for the basic human dignity and rights of all Virginians,” and he outlined legal positions he’s taken that reversed course from Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, who served immediately before him.


"Mark Herring at McAuliffe rally" by MDFriendOfHillary

“Mark Herring at McAuliffe rally” by MDFriendOfHillary

Abortion clinics now exempt from standards required for other outpatient surgery centers


This came on the same day that Herring ruled existing abortion clinics around the state do not need to meet the same standards required for other outpatient surgery centers. Apparently women having abortions are not as important as people having other medical procedures.

The Bluefield Daily Telegraph reports,

“The previous administration provided incorrect legal advice to the Board of Health and intervened in a process that is supposed to be driven by medical professionals,” Herring, a Democrat, said in a written statement. “That inappropriate intrusion produced regulations that would impose a de facto abortion ban in Virginia by forcing many health care facilities to either shut down, leaving thousands of women without access to critical services, or to stop offering abortion services.”


Big victory for pro-abortion supporters in Virginia


This was a big victory for pro abortion supporters in Virginia.  The law was passed in 2013 making abortion clinics more sanitary, adding more staff training, and higher standards for equipment, the same standards as any other outpatient surgery center in Virginia. This law came after the trial of abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. Gosnell was sentence to 30 years in prison for killing women and babies in his substandard, filthy, abortion clinic in Philadelphia. Now Attorney General Herring has negated the law passed in Virginia, allowing abortion facilities in Virginia to provide the same substandard care to pregnant women and babies in Virginia, while claiming that he’s “fighting for the basic human dignity and rights of all Virginians.” 

Except woman and unborn babies.  They are expendable.

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