Letter to the Editor: Disappointment with Congressman Cantor

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Dear Editor,

I have been intensely involved in politics ever since Barack Obama became President because I peeled away his smooth veneer and revealed the core of his collective worldview. In 2010 I was greatly encouraged when the Tea Party led the effort to help the Republicans take over the House of Representatives. And I was absolutely thrilled that our congressman, Eric Cantor, would be part of this new leadership.

However, I have been greatly disappointed with Congressman Cantor. He and the House leadership have failed to stop the President’s anti-liberty agenda. Obamacare is in full swing destroying our healthcare system and at the same time crippling our national economy.

Our debt has continued to climb at an unsustainable rate while big banks and large corporations continue to get richer on borrowed and printed money. Our economy stands on a house of cards that will sooner or later collapse. And as George Mason University’s Mercatus Center recently reported, crony capitalism continues to grow because, “As cronyism grows, the benefits that policymakers get from crony relations become increasingly lucrative, which creates a problem of adverse incentives,” . Eric Cantor has done nothing to stop this cronyism.

Dave Brat is a different type of candidate. He is principled in his conservatism, demonstrates integrity in his actions (contrast this with Cantors lies about Dave Brat) and above all understands what it takes to provide sustainable economic growth using free market principles.

The recent defeat by Eric Cantor’s man, Linwood Cobb, at the 7th district convention for Chair of the Republican Party demonstrates that the average voter, when he/she feels their liberty has been violated, can defeat the millions of dollars Eric Cantor has brought in from his big business donors. After all, dollars don’t vote, people do.

It is time for the 7th district to elect a new congressman so we can be certain our representative is representing us and not the DC belt-way bandits. Please join me in sending establishment politicians a powerful message by voting for Dave Brat.

See you at the polls,

Craig DiSesa

Ashland, VA


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