Letter to the Editor: Eric Cantor Claims, True, or Lying King?

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Eric Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) but Actions = ?

It is campaign season again.  June 10th is the Republican Primary, a race between Eric Cantor and Dave Brat.  It is the time when politicians tell us they are doing what we want them to do.

Eric Cantor is telling us that he is a conservative who will cut spending, repeal Obamacare, and fight against amnesty.

These are his claims.  Are they true?  No.

Eric Cantor voted along with 28 other Republicans and all the Democrats to fully fund Obamacare (H.R. 2775). 

Cantor Spends Our Money








He has voted to raise the debt ceiling 10 times and voted for the Ryan-Murray budget which eliminated spending caps from the sequester.

He increased spending when he voted for Medicare Part D, No Child Left Behind, and the Farm Bill.  We can’t even trust him on amnesty.

Eric Cantor was a leader in the formation of the ‘Kids Act’ which provides amnesty to all illegal immigrants under the age of 30.

Even his integrity is suspect.

Eric Cantor added an amendment to the bipartisan STOCK Act which allows family members of Congressmen to get rich from insider trading.  And he voted to bail out the big Wall Street banks in 2008, some of whom are Cantor’s largest donors.

I used to support Cantor because I thought he was a conservative who fought for the people of the 7th district.  But his voting record proves otherwise.  Maybe he was a conservative when he was first elected 14 years ago, but he has been in Washington for too long.  On June 10th, I’m voting for the real conservative in this race, Dave Brat.

Ann Trayhan
Mechanicsville, VA

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