Letter to the Editor: Impeach President Obama

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Dear Editor,

President Barack Obama’s threats to use his “pen and phone” to govern by Executive Order and sidestep Congress are both arrogant and thoroughly unconstitutional.

The President has all but dismissed the legislative branch, the members of which are elected to represent the will of the people in our constitutional republic. Meanwhile, he continues to stack the courts with judicial activists with the blessing of Harry Reid’s leftist cronies in the United States Senate.

Executive orders were originally intended to help the president clarify existing laws in which there was ambiguity, not to create or codify new legislation. The Constitution expressly prohibits the president from instituting his own laws!

Patriotic Americans must REFUSE to stand silently by while leftists take our nation apart, plank by plank! There is growing support for impeachment in the House and across our nation.  Whether drafting Articles of Impeachment makes sense politically or is simply a good tactic to keep a tyrant preoccupied with something other than abusing power, it is our DUTY to throw off a proven despot.  We MUST perform our duty as Americans to free ourselves of this tyranny!

Tell Congress that we have specific grievances, and as outlined in our founding documents, we have the duty to call for Articles of Impeachment against President Barack Obama.

Acting as a free People, we can stop the deceit and tyranny of the Obama regime! Act Now!

Wilma Royer
Hanover County, Virginia

Virginia Free Citizen

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