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Recap of VFC’s Georgiatown Farm Visit

Farmer Karen Doyle and her pigs at Georgiatown Farm in White Stone, Va.

Farmer Karen Doyle and her pigs at Georgiatown Farm in White Stone, Va.

The Virginia Free Citizen’s very first farm visit for our “Life on the Farm” series was to Karen Doyle’s Georgiatown Farm in White Stone, Va. Doyle is a heritage breed livestock farmer who is passionate about providing a sustainable environment for her animals. She does not use any antibiotics, GMOs or any other kind of chemical additive in her products.

VFC reached out to Doyle last week to get an update from her since our visit in April. Doyle has had her hands full this summer, raising new animals. She said one of her ewes gave birth to a ram and an ewe and her Red Wattle Hog gave birth to 11 baby piglets, which are now three weeks old. She now has about 26 Bourbon Red Turkeys (she had 10 when we visited) and she is also raising several Muscovy ducks. More

International Child Labor Trafficking Survivor Embraces Recovery

When Evelyn Chumbow was nine years old, she became a victim of human trafficking when she traveled from her native Cameroon in Africa to Maryland, where she was forced to work as a domestic servant for an abusive woman, Theresia Mubang, until escaping as a teenager.

Evelyn Chumbow

Evelyn Chumbow

Chumbow said her mother and uncle made the arrangements to sell her and send her to the U.S. She was promised a better education and more economic opportunities in America, but she said her family never really knew where they were sending her.

“Everybody thinks it’s way better here (the U.S.) than it is in Africa,” she said.

Chumbow was illegally flown to London, where she stayed for months before arriving in Maryland.

“Everything changed when I arrived in the U.S.,” Chumbow said.


Local Farmer Seeks to Preserve America’s Heritage Livestock Breeds

Farmer Karen Doyle said she provides her livestock with a decent life, as the animals are free to roam around Doyle's 10-acre farm.

Farmer Karen Doyle raises heritage livestock breeds that are now at risk of becoming extinct.

Karen Doyle is the owner of Georgiatown Farm, a 10-acre livestock farm in White Stone, Va. Although most commercial agricultural operations make mass production a top priority, Doyle takes a different approach by raising heritage livestock breeds that are now threatened with extinction in the U.S.

Doyle, a member ofThe Livestock Conservancy, raises numerous heritage breeds, including Red Wattle hogs, Bourbon Red turkeys and Clun Forest sheep. More

Oyster Farmer Faces Continued Battle Against York County

Gregg Garrett Oyster Dock

Greg Garrett told the Virginia Free Citizen that local officials in York County are moving to shut down his oyster farm

York County oyster farmer Greg Garrett told the Virginia Free Citizen that local officials in York County are moving to shut down his oyster farm and remove the existing right to conduct agriculture on 5,000 to 7,500 other properties in York County. He believes the county’s actions are a response to the recent passage of House Bill 1089, which will protect aquaculture in Virginia as a form of agriculture.

Greg Garrett decided to start oyster farming about five and a half years ago because he wanted to do his part to help clean the Chesapeake Bay. One oyster is said to clean, or filter, up to 50 gallons of water a day. But little did Garrett know, for three years, he would be tangled up in lawsuits with his county government. More

Agricultural Rights of York County Citizens Threatened by Board of Supervisors Rezoning Plans

by Kate Miller and Shelby Mertens

The York County Board of Supervisors will consider sponsoring an application to rezone the York Point area of Seaford at its May 6 meeting. threatening the agricultural rights of their citizens.  The board has proposed R14-66, a resolution that opponents say remove their freedom to farm.

York County Attorney James Barnett said the board of supervisors will send the application to the York County Planning Commission if the board decides to approve the application at its May 6 meeting. He also said the planning commission will hold a public hearing and make recommendations before the application is sent back to the board of supervisors, who will make a final decision after another public hearing. The public hearing is scheduled for May 14 and opponents have organized a “pitchfork rally” to occur before the hearing. More