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Recovering from a Stolen Childhood

By Katherine Johnson
Capital News Service

RICHMOND – “Some of that is a little bit unclear,” Elisabeth Corey said as she started to recount the events of her childhood. “A lot of times when there’s intense chronic trauma, it can be difficult to remember all of the details. Memories become very fuzzy.”

Corey has repressed memories of abuse she suffered at the hands of family members while growing up in Northern Virginia. She’s a survivor of family-controlled sex trafficking and endured sexual abuse from male family members.

“We were pretending to be this nice, cohesive family, and then on the side, my father would sell me,” Corey said.

Because she has repressed memories, she’s not sure at what age she was first sold. But Corey believes it happened between ages 8 and 10. Continue reading

DACA Recipients Sue Georgia, Virginia to Get In-State Tuition

Illegal aliens in Georgia and Virginia are suing higher education agencies in their states to win access to taxpayer-subsidized in-state tuition rates.

The illegal aliens claim they are eligible for the lower rates because they were granted a two-year stay of deportation under the Obama Administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood (DACA) Arrivals program. Continue reading

Richmond Group Offers Haven to Survivors of Trafficking Victims

Gray Haven Project 8721478937_f512738815By Katherine Johnson

RICHMOND – Capital News Service   After seeing a video on MySpace of a girl being forced to work in a brothel, Josh Bailey said, it “wrecked my perception of the world.” After that, he and his wife, Andrea, decided they wanted to take action.

In 2010, they founded the Gray Haven Project. The organization helps trafficking victims rebuild their lives. Continue reading

Human Trafficking: Modern-day Slavery

By Jessica Dahlberg  Capital News Service

RICHMOND – An 8-year-old girl rides her bike through familiar neighborhood streets, her feet pedaling fast as the ground flashes underneath. She doesn’t notice the car that has been trailing her. It is full of men who were told by her father where and when they could find her. Her father sold her to them. Continue reading

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