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Legal Immigration: Refugee Resettlement Program and Stealth Invasion

Fortress of Faith Radio by Tom Wallace

Listen to the program HERE ( OR DOWLOAD THE MP3 HERE) and below are the “show notes” from this program, so their are typos, etc.

Today we had Leo Hohmann on our radio broadcast. He started looking into the illegal immigration problem, and as he did, he found that there was a big problem with legal immigration, especially the refugee resettlement program.  (Virginia Free Citizen has covered this issue extensively on their resource page and encourage our readers to buy Leo’s book, see below) Continue reading

Weekly Immigration Report: Virginia Passes Bills to Increase Security, but McAuliffe Promises Vetos

]Levar Stoney By VDOT Photography Studio (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons]

Virginia | Governor McAuliffe has promised to veto bills that will protect Virginia citizen’s lives and jobs

Richmond Mayor Stoney issued a mayoral directive establishing Richmond as a sanctuary to harbor illegal aliens and Governor McAuliffe has promised to veto any anti-sanctuary legislation. These two collaborated actions have usurped the rights of the Virginia citizen and placed our communities at both criminal and financial risks.  The lawless vs the lawful.  

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  • On February 6, the Senate passed  SB 1262 to make sanctuary cities liable for injuries caused by illegal aliens within its jurisdiction. The Virginia House of Delegates must consider the bill before it can be sent to the governor for approval. (Federation for American Immigration Reform)
  • On the same day, Richmond Mayor Stoney issued a mayoral directive establishing Richmond as a sanctuary to harbor illegal aliens.  Then on February 8th, Governor McAuliffe issued a statement promising to veto any anti-sanctuary legislation.  These two executive actions by Mayor Stoney and Governor McAuliffe usurps the rights of the Virginia citizen and places our state at risk from increased criminal activities and the cost of losing millions in federal funds.

From the Federation for American Immigration Reform

  • On February 7, the House of Delegates passed  HB 2000 to prohibit localities from enacting any ordinance, procedure, or policy that restricts the enforcement of immigration law to any less than the full extent permitted under law. Representative Charles Poindexter (R-9) introduced the measure in January. The Virginia Senate must consider the bill before it can be sent to the governor for approval.
  • On January 25, the House passed HB 1468 to prohibit law enforcement from ignoring immigration detainers. Representative Robert Marshall (R-13) introduced the measure in January. The Virginia Senate must consider the bill before it can be sent to the governor for approval.

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Trump Must Keep His Promises and Secure Virginia

Let’s all work together to support President Trump’s immigration promises.

Doing so will increase the security of Virginia and put Virginians first.

Lawless behavior exhibited by both Mayor Stoney and Governor McAuliffe illustrated by their pro-sanctuary actions only harm the Virginia citizen and place our communities at risk.

FAIR laid out our immigration reform blueprint before the election and will monitor the Trump administration’s progress on this page, so check back frequently for updates.

Watch this video to see exactly what he has said and sign the petition to hold Trump accountable.  Continue reading

Rally at City Hall demands ICE leave Richmond

(Editor’s note: Richmond and Virginia Citizens should be alarmed at the presence of blatant calls to remove law enforcement from our communities for the purpose of protecting criminals–see the ICE news just yesterday on the types of criminals they are rounding up)

By Amelia Heymann and Jessica Nolte

Capital News Service

RICHMOND – After federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids led to nearly 700 arrests nationwide, about 100 Richmond residents held a rally in front of City Hall on Monday to demand that ICE stay out of Richmond.

The rally was called to support immigrants who fear they may be the next target of ICE. People at the event represented several human rights organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia and Southerners On New Ground.

Speakers at the demonstration called for Richmond to be an “intersectionally” inclusive sanctuary city. Their words were translated into either Spanish or English so that all audience members could understand what was being said.

“What intersectionality means is we all have multiple complex identities, and those identities cannot be dissected,” said Rebecca Keel, a former candidate for the Richmond City Council. “We are coming here as whole people. We are fighting as whole people. We are fighting to create a sanctuary city for all people.” Continue reading

ICE Sweeps Targets Convicts, Gang Members and Law Breakers

(Editor’s note: There is a radical fringe element growing in the City of Richmond calling for the expulsion of ICE and the establishment of a Sanctuary City which would endanger public safety and protect the lawless people residing among us)

ICE raidWASHINGTON – Last week, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) launched a series of targeted enforcement operations across the country. These operations targeted public safety threats, such as convicted criminal aliens and gang members, as well as individuals who have violated our nation’s immigration laws, including those who illegally re-entered the country after being removed and immigration fugitives ordered removed by federal immigration judges.

ICE officers in the Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, San Antonio and New York City areas of responsibility arrested more than 680 individuals who pose a threat to public safety, border security or the integrity of our nation’s immigration system. Of those arrested, approximately 75 percent were criminal aliens, convicted of crimes including, but not limited to, homicide, aggravated sexual abuse, sexual assault of a minor, lewd and lascivious acts with a child, indecent liberties with a minor, drug trafficking, battery, assault, DUI and weapons charges. Continue reading

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