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9-11-2001: Did we learn our lesson? (Video)


By Wallace S. Bruschweiler and William Palumbo

Two-thousand nine-hundred and seventy-seven people were murdered 15 years ago today on September 11, 2001.  In succession, two planes attacked the Twin Towers.  A third plane smashed into the Pentagon.  A fourth plane which was supposedly headed for the Capitol Building or the White House was intercepted by heroic passengers.

Fifteen years later, America’s response to the attacks is still lacking and in many cases amateurish to say the least.  In each case below – immigration, intelligence, and militarily – successive administrations, and particularly Obama’s, have exactly reversed the policies required to win the war against and eradicate “radical Islam.”


The 9-11 Commission recognized that the 9-11 attacks were possible, in large measure, due to a malfunctioning immigration system.  The Commission’s recommendation included specific enhancements to immigration policies and security measures.  Congress and several federal agencies have also recommended changes to streamline immigration security.  Below are select key recommendations and their status as of today. Continue reading

Islamic Colonization of Virginia

The Virginia Free CitizenRR MAP VA

Status: On-going
In Dan Wolf’s recent article, Resettling Immigrants in Virginia, we presented several maps to illustrate the correlation between the resettlement of Muslim refugees and the growth of Muslim institutions throughout the Commonwealth.  Now you’re most likely asking yourselves what all this means.  And you would be right to do so.

It’s expected and perfectly natural for a newcomer to gravitate towards and seek out people who speak his language or are from the same region.  This provides an added degree of comfort and support to someone who understandable feels alone and surrounded by the unfamiliar. We’ve seen this time and again; immigrant groups congregate in certain neighborhoods and establish their own houses of worship, shopping districts, etc.  Examples from the past and present are the Chinatowns, Little Italys and Little Saigons that popped up after certain waves of immigration.

And as time goes by, the immigrants and their children assimilate and begin to spread out to other areas of the country.

…But this time it’s different.  Very different. Continue reading

American Civil Liberties Are Defer to Islamic Entitlement

Across the Nation, a battle is occurring between Islamic entitlement and enforcement of American civil liberties.

In Dearborn Michigan, Islamic rioters assault without consequence Christian protesters. In New Jersey, residents who participate in a local governmental land use process are threatened by an Islamic organization who alleges participation is a ‘conspiracy’.

Similarly, a battle is also occurring in Henrico County Virginia. This battle is neither about freedom to worship protected under the First Amendment nor federal laws granting exemption waivers from local land zoning laws; instead it is about abuse of courts and the failure of Henrico County to enforce a community’s 14th amendment rights of equal protection under the law. Continue reading

Weekly Immigration Report Sept 6, 2016: Obama Quadruples Syrian Refugees, Trump Doubles Down

From the
Federation for American Immigration Reform

  • Trump Doubles Down on Immigration Enforcement in Key Speech
  • Obama Administration Quadruples Syrian Refugees in Fiscal Year 2016
  • Nine Latin American Countries Urge the U.S. to End Special Immigration Policies for Cubans
  • California Legislature Passes Bill to Let Illegal Aliens Decide on Enforcement

Trump Doubles Down on Immigration Enforcement in Key Speech

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used a prime time speech last week to attempt to clarify his position on immigration. Over the last few weeks, speculation mounted that Trump was “softening” his immigration stance after several comments made by the candidate and his inner circle seemed to contradict his official immigration plan. In an hour-long speech in Phoenix, Arizona, Trump delivered a detailed 10-point policy that made clear he would enforce the law if elected president. Notably, the speech was given just hours after Trump made an impromptu visit to Mexico for a face-to-face meeting with Mexico’s president. Continue reading

New YouYube VIDEO: 200,000 refugees in 2017? The Buck Stops with the Republican Congress!

Ann Corcoran | Refugee Resettlement Watch

I reported yesterday that the Open Borders Left has signaled how many refugees they want Obama to propose when he does his United Nations confab on September 20th.

They want 200,000 in fiscal year 2017!

There is only one entity that can stop them and that is Congress—either they fund Obama’s last ‘determination’ or they don’t.  Although your governors and your state and local elected officials should hear from you, and it goes without saying that Hillary must be defeated, but there is only one place where it really matters this fall—-Congress! Continue reading

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