Lessons from the Virginia Gubernatorial Election

2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Election1With the 2013 Virginia Gubernatorial Election in the books, three things become apparent. First, the citizenry’s aversion to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is alive and well. Second, when Conservatives run inferior campaigns or get duped into the Progressive trap of debating “social issues,” it doesn’t matter how rooted the message is in common sense and fact, Progressives and Liberals will always be able to manipulate enough voters to squeak out election victories. Continue reading

Fundraising vs Lawmaking: Seeking Transparency on Virginia PAC

Today’s Fundraising vs. Lawmaking, Oversight & Investigations; Seeking Transparency On One Virginia “Leadership PAC”

Last Wednesday we wrote here about Peter Schweizer’s new book “Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets.

Reagan admirer and chronicler Schweizer spotlighted a number of concerns about what he calls the “underground economy” of campaign money.

Yesterday Breitbart’s Wynton Hall elaborated here in his post “Schweizer Says DC ‘Just Like the Mob, Except It’s Legal’”–

“’If problems are being solved, if things are going smoothly and things are being fixed, a lot of people are not going to give. The party establishments and the political leaders from both sides are collaborating a lot more than they let on,’ explained Schweizer. Continue reading

Is Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Robert Sarvis a Libertarian-In-Name-Only?

sarvisThe final debate in Virginia last night between Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli didn’t feature Robert Sarvis, the libertarian candidate who has frequently brushed double digits in polling. George Will does his best to make up for this, writing that Cuccinelli is far from the best choice for Virginia, and effectively endorsing Sarvis.

Hours before Gallup reported record nationwide support — 60 percent — for a third party to leaven politics, Sarvis was declared ineligible for the final debate for gubernatorial candidates because he fell a tad short of a 10 percent average in recent polls. None of this disturbed his leisurely enjoyment of a tuna-burger lunch before sauntering off in search of free media, about the only kind he can afford… “Like you, I can’t vote for Ken Cuccinelli’s narrow-minded social agenda. I want a Virginia that’s open-minded and welcoming to all. And like you, I don’t want Terry McAuliffe’s cronyism either, where government picks winners and losers. Continue reading

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