Donald Trump Should Thank Ted Cruz For This Speech


Ted Cruz(Video of speech at end of this transcript)

Senator Ted Cruz yesterday delivered a speech on the Senate floor that reinforced Donald Trump’s remarks earlier this week and demonstrated once again that Cruz and Trump are, in the wake of the horrific act of terror in Orlando last weekend, among the few American leaders who understand the threat of Islamic terrorism and how to win the battle Islam has declared on America and the West.

Ted Cruz specifically called on Congress to take up and pass his Expatriate Terrorist Act (ETA) and Terrorist Refugee Infiltration Prevention Act (TRIPA) in order to better secure our country.

While Cruz was ostensibly on the Senate Floor to talk about his two bills the real key to his remarks was this paragraph in which he laid the responsibility for the recurring Muslim terror attacks in America straight where they belong; at the feet of Barack Obama: Continue reading

Virginia’s Massive Voter Drive for Felons

Terry McAuliffe fulfills his mission of delivering the battleground state for Hillary.

Gov McAuliffe

Matthew Vadum | Front Page Magazine

To clear the way for fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton to capture the White House this year, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe unilaterally acted to restore the voting rights of 206,000 convicted violent and nonviolent felons in his important battleground state last week.

The move, which critics say violates the state constitution, is without precedent in Virginia’s history and is particularly noxious and authoritarian coming as it did two days after the state’s General Assembly adjourned. Continue reading

Home-schoolers Ask Governor to ‘Let Us Play’

tebow bill

Del. Rob Bell, R-Charlottesville, and home-schoolers in front of the Virginia Governor’s Mansion. (Photo by Margaret Carmel)

Margaret Carmel | Capital News Service

RICHMOND – Supporters of home-schooled students playing sports in public schools unleashed their secret weapon at the Virginia Capital on Wednesday – home-schoolers themselves.

Home-schooling advocates and their children gathered in the state Capitol to hear remarks from Del. Rob Bell, R-Charlottesville, and Sen. Tom Garrett, R-Lynchburg, the sponsors of legislation commonly called the “Tebow bill.”

Afterward, the home-schoolers and parents signed a large card urging Gov. Terry McAuliffe to sign the legislation into law. The group presented the message to the front gate guard at the Governor’s Mansion. Continue reading

End Dangerous Sanctuary Policies in Virginia

Earlier this month, the Virginia Senate passed critical anti-sanctuary city legislation, Senate Bill 270 (SB 270). SB 270 prohibits localities from enacting any ordinance, procedure, or policy that restricts the enforcement of federal immigration law, and strips funding from any locality that nonetheless adopts a sanctuary policy. Now, SB 270 is waiting to be considered in the full House Committee for Courts of Justice (it has already successfully passed the Criminal Law Subcommittee). We need your help to advance SB 270 through the Virginia House of Delegates!

Please call the House Committee for Courts of Justice Chair David Albo at and ask him to bring SB 270 to a full committee vote. Continue reading

Thanks to Him, GOP Will Have an Open Primary

Pastor Stephen Parson endorses presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally earlier this month. Image via Right Side Broadcasting.

Pastor Stephen Parson endorses presidential candidate Donald Trump at a rally earlier this month. Image via Right Side Broadcasting.

Matt Chaney | Capital News Service

RICHMOND – Dr. Stephen Parson just wanted to vote in the presidential primary for the candidate he thought was right for him and the country. That candidate, he said, is Donald Trump. And that meant voting in Virginia’s Republican primary.

But this was back in December, and Parson faced a problem: To vote in the state’s March 1 GOP primary, voters were told they had to sign a loyalty oath stating, “I am a Republican.” And Parson considers himself an independent.

So a little over a month ago, Parson sued the Republican Party of Virginia and the State Board of Elections to get the oath removed. Parson lost the legal battle but won the war: Because of the controversy, authorities rescinded the loyalty oath. As a result, any registered voter will be able to cast a ballot in the GOP presidential primary on Tuesday. Continue reading