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Tennessee Parents Battle Cultural Jihad; Arrogant Bureaucrats and Islam Join Forces

(Editor’s note: Are Virginia parents actively involved in reviewing their children’s text books and study guides for similar content.  In April of 2011, Virginia Right! exposed Virginia Standards of Learning Mandate Teaching Islamic Beliefs but Not Christian Beliefs or Others.  Is this still happening? It is the parent’s job to find out.)

Tennessee Parents Battle Cultural Jihad

George Rasley | ConservativeHQ

A group of parents in White County, about 100 miles east of Nashville, are taking the fight to the seven publicly elected county school board members in that county who approved the purchase of the new Islam-centric textbook that elaborates on those standards, myWorld History and Geography: The Middle Ages to Exploration of the Americas, published by Pearson Education.

Our friend Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart has been documenting the struggle of parents across Tennessee who have risen-up to oppose the use of the public schools to sell the false narrative that Islam is a “religion of peace,” and not a political movement whose goal is a totalitarian worldwide Islamic Caliphate.  Continue reading

Fighting the Cultural Jihad in Tennessee Public Schools

(Editor’s note: Refugee Resettlement from predominantly third world Muslim countries will guarantee culture jihad nationwide and in every American institution and if one needs proof, look at Europe)


Last week we told you about Tennessee State Representative Sheila Butt’s battle to end the forced teaching of Islam to Tennessee junior high school students – and how Tennessee’s public education establishment has falsely claimed that the Islamic religious instruction is merely history and culture.

Now our friend Michael Patrick Leahy of Breitbart has pulled back the veil on how Islam is being forced upon Tennessee’s Christians through taxpayer funded public schools.  Continue reading

Tennessee State Rep. Sheila Butt Just Might Save America

George Rasley | ConservativeHQ

After parents in Tennessee complained that public schools were facilitating the Islamic religious indoctrination of their children Tennessee state Representative Sheila Butt (R-Columbia) has proposed a bill that would ban public schools from teaching “religious doctrine” earlier than 10th grade.

State Representative Butt (pictured below) introduced the bill after parents complained that middle school world history lessons on Islam were inappropriate. Parents said the curriculum focused more on Islam than on other religions and bordered on “indoctrination.”  Continue reading

Obamacare Impact on Small Business and More Surprises on the Horizon

VFQH_Logotype1-300x108The Small Business Connection

Quoting the White House’s web site…

“President Obama is committed to creating an environment where America’s small businesses — our engines of job creation — can grow and prosper by supporting small business with new tax relief, favorable treatment of investments, and rewards for hiring. Since taking office, President Obama has shown his unprecedented commitment to small businesses across America”  (, accessed Sept 2, 2015)

Why are we seeing recent headlines like these?

“IRS drops bomb on small employers”

Mississippi Business Journal, August 13, 2015

“If a company has five employees, the total tax would be $182,500.  A “large” employer with 50 employees that did not provide insurance in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, would be subject to…a total of $40,000 [in fines].” Jack Weatherly Continue reading

Planned Parenthood Baby Parts Buyer StemExpress Wants “Another 50 Livers/Week,” Financial Benefits for Abortion Clinics


LOS ANGELES, Aug. 25–The eighth video in the ongoing controversy over Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted fetal body parts shows the CEO of StemExpress, LLC, a major buyer of fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood, admitting the company gets “a lot” of intact fetuses, suggesting “another 50 livers a week” would not be enough, and agreeing abortion clinics should profit from the sale.

StemExpress is a for-profit biotech supply company that has been partnered with Planned Parenthood clinics across the country to purchase human fetal parts since its founding in 2010. StemExpress’ Medical Director, Dr. Ronald Berman, is an abortion doctor for Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. Continue reading

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