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When Anniversaries Collide:  Dr. Martin Luther King and Emile Zola

Craig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

This weekend marks the 88th anniversary of the birth of the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929).  It also marks the 119th anniversary of the famous letter, “J’accuse!” It was written by influential French writer, Emile Zola, and published in the French newspaper, L’Aurore, on January 13, 1898.

Zola wrote the open letter to Felix Faure, President of France.  “J’accuse” is French for “I accuse”.  Zola accused President Faure of antisemitism in the unfair charging and convicting of French Army staff officer Alfed Dreyfus.  The charge was espionage, which carried a sentence of life in prison on the infamous South American penal colony, Devil’s Island.  Since the letter’s publication, even in English speaking nations, “J’accuse!” has become synonymous with expressing outrage and accusation against the powerful. Continue reading

Poverty Pimps and White Guilt: Dividing “American” and “Black” History

Craig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

Last Monday, my good friend, Don Blake, asked me to participate in a local television interview with him about a racial video, entitled “Structural Discrimination,” which upset his granddaughter and other students at Glen Allen High School. Having handled hot topics in talk radio for years, I was happy to oblige, and you can view it here: Continue reading

Trump, Carson, Cruz: Champion Material?

Who has Champion Material?

Who has Champion Material?  Trump, Cruz and Carson believe they have the right stuff to lead America through the destructive “winter era” back to safety and a new beginning.

Craig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

In times of great peril, God raises a champion to provide a spark, or to lead a nation through the destructive “winter era” back to safety and the start of a new social order. This occurs every 80 to 100 years. We are in such a dark, destructive phase again, as outsiders Trump, Carson, and Cruz, storm the gates of American politics. They have battled Republican and Democrat insiders; media elites in NY and DC; and now they battle each other. – We have been here before.

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. –Ecclesiastes 3:1
Continue reading

Do Republicans Have Denveritis?

Craig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

Craig Writes on Virginia Politics and the Republicans lack of will to field a winning game plan based on their own RPV Creed

Let me start by stating I admire Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. Manning is a class act, from a classy family. That said, there was plenty of expectation that the record-setting, number one offense in the NFL would at least show up in last Sunday’s Super Bowl. The problem for Denver was they were tentative and Seattle was aggressive. Continue reading

Terry McAuliffe – “Little Terry” or “Fast Terry”

Craig Johnson | Virginia Free Citizen

“Fast Terry” McAuliffe gets caught cashing in on notoriously evil “Death Put Bonds” to the tune of $113,000, (some say $47,000) and “Fast Terry” suddenly becomes “Innocent Little Terry” with his claims of being an “innocent” silent investor.

Terry wants Virginia to give him the benefit of the doubt, and most of the press will do their all to ensure that this case is viewed in isolation.

My job, as a truth seeking journalist and talk radio information machine, is to put this incident into the context of Terry’s life pattern, so voters can decide whether the noble “little Terry” got taken in by the sharper, more shrewd, more evil, Joseph Caramadre, or whether the not so noble, “Fast Terry”, is simply doing what Terry McAuliffe has always done: live a fast, sleazy, easy money life. Continue reading

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