America’s Biggest Lawbreaker versus Donald Trump

Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman and Mark Fitzgibbons

Donald Trump was elected to make America great again. To do this, he knew he would need to take on America’s biggest lawbreaker.

America’s biggest lawbreaker is fighting back against President Trump by doing what it knows best — violating the Constitution and other laws governing it. This lawbreaker is trying to subvert his presidency and undermine the Constitution. It is ruthless in its lawbreaking and lawlessness.

America’s biggest lawbreaker is not the collection of illegal aliens in our country. It’s not even radical Islam. As dangerous as those threats are to our safety and sovereignty, they are being aided and abetted by the actual biggest lawbreaker in America.

As we wrote in 2011 in The Law That Governs Government, “Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America.”  Continue reading

All Good Things Must Come to an End

By Joe Guzzardi

As immigration advocates have learned in the last few days, nothing good lasts forever. After a virtually uninterrupted 30-year string of successfully subverting and circumventing immigration laws, activists are in shock at the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that targeted about 700 aliens nationwide. A new immigration enforcement era has dawned, and the open borders crowd doesn’t like it one little bit.

Over the last three decades, immigration activists, including many in Congress, have gained major advances: sanctuary cities, sanctuary campuses, refugee resettlement, catch and release, diminished enforcement at the border, deferred action, and expanded employment-based visa issuance. Continue reading

How CNN Recycled Last Year’s Fake News

A special report from the AIM Center for Investigative Journalism, Cliff Kincaid, director

If you have any doubts about the basic dishonesty of CNN, consider how the channel not only broadcasts fake news but recycles it.

Remember that CNN “broke” the story about the “Russian Trump dossier” compiled by an ex-British intelligence agent for Hillary Clinton supporters. The document was opposition research against then-candidate Donald Trump, now President.

Despite the lack of any corroboration from any source, including hostile anti-Trump media or the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC), after several months of secret efforts, CNN is now claiming in a February 10 story that its U.S. intelligence and investigative sources say that “some aspects” of the 35-page dossier “for the first time” have been “corroborated.” Continue reading

George & the Dragon Slayer

Joan Swirsky Column

The original story of Saint George and the Dragon dates back to the 7th century, the narrative maintaining that in a fictitious town in Libya there lived a king who chose to appease the evil dragon in the town’s lake that was poisoning the countryside. With the agreement of his subjects, the appeasement involved feeding the dragon two sheep every day. But when there were no more sheep, the King’s subjects started feeding their children to the dragon, chosen by lottery.

When one of the lots fell on the king’s daughter, he told the people they could have all his gold and silver and half his kingdom if his daughter were spared, but the people refused. As his daughter walked to the lake to be fed to the dragon, fate intervened–– Saint George happened to be riding by. Continue reading

Immigrants Should Make America Better, Not Worse

A republic if you can keep itDr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Prince William County Chairman, Corey Stewart, Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, said during a press conference,

“On behalf of the Board of Supervisors of Prince William County, I’m requesting the Trump administration to identify, detain and remove the 7,500 criminal illegal aliens that we have handed over to ICE over the past 10 years.” According to Stewart, the criminal aliens were handed over by local law enforcement to ICE under a program called 287g. “Of the 7,500, 1,000 have been rearrested.”

A mob of protesters stormed the board meeting on Tuesday, carrying signs in Spanish and English that it did not matter where or how you came from, we are all immigrants and we are all Americans. Speakers who advocate open borders argued that those arrested had not committed a crime and should not have been detained. (See News Story) Continue reading