Organized Revolutionaries Behind Town Hall Rabble Rousers

Fellow Virginians: Read everything below and spread the word to your neighbors. Download their Play Book Here. They are undermining the values of our republic.  Want to get involved to keep our republic? Become a Heritage Sentinel. and join the Virginia Tea Party Partriots Federation, and forward this to others asking them to subscribe to the Virginia Free Citizen.

Meet ‘Indivisible,’ the progressive organization behind the raucous GOP town-halls

– The Washington Times – Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Indivisible is a group of progressive activists who are showing up at Republican town halls across the country with the purpose of wreaking havoc.

Rep. Dave Brat ran into the team at several of his town-halls – of which CNN described as “raucous” and the Washington Post dubbed as “fiery” – all without noting the coordinated efforts by Indivisible team to do and be just that.

The Richmond Times Dispatch was more honest in its reporting, and noted many of the angry constituents showing up at these town halls throughout the state of Virginia to protest members were from Indivisible RichmondIndivisible’s local team (1,400 on their Facebook page)– and Together We Will.

The Dispatch reported in an article entitled “The women who are up in in Dave Brat’s Grill”: “After the election, a group of former Democratic staffers put together the Indivisible guide for how to approach lawmakers, which openly describes successful strategies used by the tea party movement.

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Response to Teen Vogue by a Pro-Life Teen

Tim Wildmon | AFA

Life is precious.  At AFA sanctity of life is a big deal.  That’s why I wanted you to see this video of a 16 year old high school student named Autumn.

She is responding to a Teen Vogue article recently published entitled “What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion.” Autumn’s rebuttal of the article is both inspiring and indicative of the future of the pro-life movement.

The video is less than ten minutes so sit back and take a look at the face of the generation that will take down abortion giants like Planned Parenthood. Continue reading

America’s Biggest Lawbreaker versus Donald Trump

Richard A Viguerie, CHQ Chairman and Mark Fitzgibbons

Donald Trump was elected to make America great again. To do this, he knew he would need to take on America’s biggest lawbreaker.

America’s biggest lawbreaker is fighting back against President Trump by doing what it knows best — violating the Constitution and other laws governing it. This lawbreaker is trying to subvert his presidency and undermine the Constitution. It is ruthless in its lawbreaking and lawlessness.

America’s biggest lawbreaker is not the collection of illegal aliens in our country. It’s not even radical Islam. As dangerous as those threats are to our safety and sovereignty, they are being aided and abetted by the actual biggest lawbreaker in America.

As we wrote in 2011 in The Law That Governs Government, “Government is the oldest, largest and most pervasive lawbreaker in America.”  Continue reading

All Good Things Must Come to an End

By Joe Guzzardi

As immigration advocates have learned in the last few days, nothing good lasts forever. After a virtually uninterrupted 30-year string of successfully subverting and circumventing immigration laws, activists are in shock at the recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids that targeted about 700 aliens nationwide. A new immigration enforcement era has dawned, and the open borders crowd doesn’t like it one little bit.

Over the last three decades, immigration activists, including many in Congress, have gained major advances: sanctuary cities, sanctuary campuses, refugee resettlement, catch and release, diminished enforcement at the border, deferred action, and expanded employment-based visa issuance. Continue reading

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