McMaster: Unfit for Duty

John Guandolo | Understanding the Threat

The new National Security Advisor – Lieutenant General Herbert Raymond McMaster – and the Counter-Terrorism advisor to the President of the United States – Sebastian Gorka – both unequivocally state the “terrorist” threat America faces has nothing to do with “true” Islam.

Both men are catastrophically wrong and, therefore, are leading America down a disastrous road towards defeat.

The New York Times, Guardian, and CNN all report Lt General McMaster told members of the National Security Council Thursday he felt “radical Islamic terrorism” was an unhelpful way to describe terrorism because becoming a terrorist is actually “un-Islamic” in the first place. Continue reading

One Virginia County Saw a 27% Drop in Assaults After It Helped Enforce Immigration Law. Here’s the Rest of the Story.

Josh Siegel | The Daily Signal

Corey StewartIn July 2007, the elected board of a growing county in Northern Virginia adopted a controversial resolution requiring the police department to partner with the federal government to help deport illegal immigrants.

Corey Stewart, the Republican elected the year before as chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors, ran on a platform of stricter immigration enforcement during a time of economic anxiety.

“The main purpose of the resolution was to remove criminal illegal aliens so they couldn’t commit crimes, and to reduce illegal immigration to Prince William County,” Stewart recalled in an interview with The Daily Signal.

Before 2007, Prince William, a county of about 450,000 today, experienced dramatic growth in the number of foreign-born residents. Continue reading

Richmond Film Festival kicks off with musical acts

Tickets can be purchased online at rvafilmfestival.com. Prices generally range from $10 to $15 for tickets to individual events and $25 to $400 for multiple-event access passes. While most of the events are open to the public, some are exclusive to filmmakers, musicians, full-access pass holders or VIP pass members.

By Amelia Heymann

Capital News Service

RICHMOND – With an electric six-string cellist and an orchestra playing a fusion of classical-jazz and hip-hop, the sixth annual Richmond International Film Festival kicked off and will run through Sunday, featuring more than 150 films from more than 35 countries as well as more than 50 bands and other musical performers.

The diverse lineup and competitive nature evoke the South by Southwest festival that will be held next week in Austin, Texas. Heather Waters, founder and producer of the Richmond event, says this year is different from the past. In its premiere, the festival featured only 15 films. This week, it will show 10 times as many and offer a full range of musical acts. Continue reading

McMaster Has Military Experience For The NSA Job, But Lacks Understanding Of Islamic Religion

Col. Tom Snodgrass


The National Security Advisor position requires a knowledgeable quarterback, but McMaster’s statements on Islam cast doubt his ability to be a ‘Tom Brady Super Bowl quarterback’   


By Col. Tom Snodgrass (Ret.), Virginia Free Citizen 

General H.R. McMaster Has Superb Tactical Battlefield Credentials, But His Unreal Perspective Of Islam Indicates More Obama-Kerry-Clinton Strategic Fumbling

H.R. McMaster The Man

Herbert Raymond “H. R.” McMaster graduated from West Point, earning his commission in 1984, and going on as a captain to command a cavalry troop of 8xM1A1 Abrams Tanks and 12xM3A2 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicles at the 1991 Desert Storm Battle of 73 Easting (a north-south coordinate line on military maps) where his cavalry troop destroyed over eighty Iraqi Republican Guard tanks and other vehicles without a friendly loss. McMaster was awarded a Sliver Star for this impressive victory.

From 1994 to 1996 McMaster was a military history professor at West Point teaching the lessons of his battlefield experiences. Following his tour at West Point, McMaster earned a PhD in military history at the University of North Carolina; turning his PhD dissertation into a critically acclaimed history of the tragic U.S. strategic incompetence in the Vietnam War titled “Dereliction of Duty: Johnson, McNamara, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Lies That Led to Vietnam.” Later McMaster graduated from the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and also completed an Army War College research fellowship at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Continue reading

Dear New World Generation (aka Millennials)

©JB Williams

We need YOU to make America great again… We are the past, you are the future. You must get it right, not for us, but for yourselves. Write me at jb.uspu@gmail.com

Clearly, we have let you down… Based upon what we see you doing in our streets today, we have not brought you up properly. We should have given you far less things and far more time as you were growing up. If we had known this is what you would do on the college campus, we would have put your tuition in our retirement account and sent you to work after high school. Continue reading

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