Richmond Mayor Stoney’s Sanctuary City Directive Makes Richmond LESS Safe

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Editor’s Note: The Mayor has not declared a sanctuary, but this is a political statement and the crafting of an “open arms” or “welcoming community” to illegal aliens and an afront to the law abiding citizens of Richmond and the state of Virginia

Mayor Stoney’s directive commanding  the Richmond Police Department not to consent to participate with the Immigration Customs Enforcement 278(g) agreements, places the public at risk, as stated by the National Sheriffs Association.  They released  a position paper supporting the expansion of 287(g), stating:

“It is critical that local law enforcement maintain and build upon the partnerships with federal law enforcement to ensure that collectively we can promote, protect, and preserve the public safety and homeland security

Suzanne Shattuck | Virginia Free Citizen

Know this. Any government program that the liberal Left fight tooth and nail to keep around is not about the good of the American Citizen, but instead about keeping and grasping more power and control.


Such is the case with the fashionable trend found among liberal mayors from Cincinnati, Ohio, Providence, Rhode Island, Boston, Massachusetts, Seattle, Washington, Charlottesville, and now Richmond, Virginia.

Richmond, Virginia’s Mayor Levar Stoney offered a Mayoral Directive contains 3 points about why his city would be a great Sanctuary City. The first being,

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“The City will protect and promote policies of inclusion for all of its residents regardless of their national origin, immigration or refugee status, race, color, creed, gender, disability, sexual orientation or sexual identity.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but was Richmond not doing this already? What in President Trump’s order would have changed the current practice of policies of inclusion?

The Mayor’s second issue has to do with communication between the Richmond Police and the ICE agency,

“That the Richmond Police Department will not consent to participate with the Immigration Customs Enforcement 278(g) agreements, and in the interest of public safety and protecting communities, will maintain its policy of not inquiring as to the place of birth or immigration status of individuals with whom it comes into contact.”

Does this mean that in the event of an arrest by the police of someone who happens to be an illegal immigrant that they would not be required to run that name through ICE?


Would this lack of communication between law enforcement and border patrol agents make the citizens of Richmond safer?

According to ICE, a detainer is the tool allowed to hold an alien for future deportation. It communicates to other law enforcement of their intentions to deport the alien.

A report in the Washington Examiner sites a Center for Immigration Studies report,

“Over the 19-month period from January 1, 2014, to September 30, 2015, more than 17,000 detainers were rejected by these jurisdictions. Of these, about 11,800 detainers, or 68 percent, were issued for individuals with a prior criminal history.”

That is a large number of criminals to dump back onto our streets, and that report was from the summer of 2015. Imagine what it is today.

What if, in certain cases, the person arrested has an outstanding warrant for other crimes committed, such as sexual assault, robbery, or even murder? Is ignorance considered bliss to the liberal Left?

The Mayor’s third and final point begs the question that has been asked by many before me to those advocating amnesty for illegal immigrants.

“What about the word “illegal” don’t you understand? The Mayoral Directive ended with,

“That in our interactions as representatives of our City, all employees will focus on the needs and safety of our residents, not on their legal status, and will advocate for and promote their wellbeing.”

In other words, the representatives will continue to offer free stuff to those residing in our country who are here illegally or flown in under the Refugee Program at the cost of hard working, tax paying citizens.

A mandate that has been placed on those taxpayers without their permission.

Why are Americans continually asked to put their needs and safety behind those from foreign countries who come here illegally, or those coming from terror sponsoring nations, and nations with failed economies?

This move by Stoney and others across the country is supposed to be in response to President Trump’s Executive Order concerning keeping our homeland free of foreign terrorists and others pouring across the non-border to our south.

It is a move that is meant to punish our new President for following through with his campaign promises.

The liberal Left must make Trump out to be racist, islamophobic, and a bigoted monster. They cannot allow these safety measures put forth by Trump, with the American citizen in mind, to succeed.

If he does, they lose their power. That power currently seems to be residing within the protestors that have been whipped into a frenzy by fake news put out by the leaders in the Democrat party who demand fool hearty ideas like sanctuary cities.

President Trump’s executive orders on immigration and refugees actually support common sense. Trump is taking advice from our top national security official, James Comey, unlike Obama. Comey was quoted at a cyber security conference last summer. He stated,

“At some point there is going to be a terrorist diaspora sometime in the next two-to-five years like we’ve never seen…Not all of the Islamic State killers are going to die on the battlefield,”

And if Trump proves to be good on his word to get rid of Islamic State, then this is a real possibility.

All Americans need to give the President a chance. He was elected in a large way to make sure Americans safety comes first, not only in the present but in the future when many Islamic jihadists will be looking for a new home. And try as the Left may, offering sanctuary to some people who have made their way into our country legally or illegally and mean to do harm, isn’t going to improve a city’s safety.


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